The Christmas Story Why the Celebration


Christians the world over, regardless of denomination or doctrine agree that the very essence of Christianity, the pillar of our faith is the birth of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, an event said to have occurred thousands of years ago. The birth of Jesus Christ was in fulfillment of a promise; the event heralded the beginning of a new era, a new covenant and a new dispensation.


Over the years, several cultures and civilizations have twisted this story. Civilization and modernization has dimmed the essence of the Christmas celebration, thus, what was meant to bring hope and joy has come to be characterized by profanities.


This year, through the foresight and instrumentality of the Honourable Commissioner for culture and tourism, Mr Orman Esin, our Christmas festival will take us back to the basic. The very essence of Christmas itself, the one event that changed the course of humanity, the birth of the savior of mankind, the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

A New People

After the fall of man, God promised not to abandon man to destruction. Humanity, by the actions of our first parents (Adam and Eve) had lost her dominion, and was sold out to Satan. Our punishment was spelt out by God Himself and our destruction, imminent. The only way out for humanity was a buyout. A sacrifice of higher value had to be made. One who was sinless had to die in place of all of us, to atone for our sins and redeem us from eternal damnation. The birth of Christ, therefore, signifies the first step of the redemption journey, the fulfilment of God’s promise of a messiah, the birth of the One who will redeem Man from his sins.

The Vision....

In Akwa Ibom State, a state named after God Himself, we are blessed with a leader whose heart beats for God. A man, who has divine insight and wisdom, His Excellency, Mr Udom G. Emmanuel. The governor’s love for God and things of the Lord has reconciled the people to God, and rededicated Akwa Ibom to the Almighty God. This naturally has rubbed off in everything we do as a state – the way we live, the way we work, the way we do business, and ultimately, our celebrations.

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