Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Tourism, Hon. Orman Esin inaugurates committees……

The Honourable Commissioner of Tourism, Akwa Ibom State has inaugurated committees to handle different aspects of organizing Ibom Christmas Celebrations. The committees members are charged with patriotic call to duty and to deliver the best set of events for the Christmas festivities. Committee members are drawn from professionals within the civil service and private individuals.

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The various committees have already commenced working tirelessly to ensure that they deliver their terms of reference. Hon. Orman Esin is leaving no stone unturned as he interfaces regularly with all committees to ensure steady forward movement.

Christmas is a season, not only of rejoicing but of reflection. 

                                                                                                       – Winston Churchill


The head of the Technical Committee, Mr. Ani Antia, while reacting, stated that a lot of innovation is being brought up to greatly improve the experience of participants in the Christmas Village and other events. 


Hon. Orman Esin Addressing Committee Members

Hon. Orman Esin maintains that he is committed to showcasing Akwa Ibom State in the best possible light and creating a festive and business environment throughout the celebration period.


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